It’s not just about having an experienced engineer with a great pair of ears and extensive knowledge of mastering…

It is also about being able to fine tune your mix in an acoustically treated room using some of the best speakers and analogue outboard equipment available…

Here at Old Street Studios we have the best of both worlds.

Our amazing PMC MB2 speakers highlight every nuance of the frequency content and dynamic range of your music, allowing the in house mastering engineers to make informed and confident choices when it comes to preparing your music for CD/Vinyl/Streaming/Radio.

Our current mastering chain includes: SSL Fusion, Neve Pre Amps, Manley Massive Passive EQ, Manley Varimu Compressor, API 5500 EQ, Maselec ML4A multiband compressor/expander, Limit One Limiter, Clariphonic and a whole host of digital sound refining tools.

We provide red book standard CD masters or DDP for manufacturing as well as hi-res MP3s containing full metadata.

Streaming versions are also provided with the correct LUFS levels for the platforms you will be using, meaning that your music will maintain the dynamics it deserves and sound the best it can online. (mastered for itunes (MFiT), youtube, spotify etc).


Analogue Mastering Rates:                    

£50 per track (plus £5 for each extra production part eg. instrumental, acapella etc.)                                                          

£500 per Album (Includes CD Master and/or DDP Image)    



-Please provide 24 bit Wav or Aiff files using the sample rate of your project.

-Please remove any limiters from your master bus and leave peak headroom of 2-4dB.

-We will review your mix for free and let you know if there are any issues before mastering.



Old Street Studios – before and after mastering comparisons:

(Artists: Tom Vek, Mr Nice, Joana & the Wolf, Squidz, Llirik)