Mixing / Audio Post Production

Our 32 channel tube console provides the perfect platform for mixing digital and analogue media.

Coupled with PMC MB2 speakers and some classic outboard gear such as Neve/Manley/API/Roland Space Echo and your project will come out sounding warm and full every time.

If you would like to ‘sit in’ feel free to attend, otherwise email your parts to us and let us work our magic.

We always allow for a couple of stages of tweaks at the end of the mix so that you have the final say and can walk away with your project sounding just how you intended.


Mixing / Post Production Rates: (These rates vary depending on the project and how long it will take).


Full band mix £150-£250 per song.

Vocals to backing track mix £70-£150 per song.

Short film mix £200-£500.

Feature film mix (call for a quote).

We also provide SFX, sound design, 5.1 surround and audio restoration services.                    

If you send us in your project, we will load it up and give you a quote.