Welcome to Old Street Studios, recording studio London.

Old Street Studios, 53 New North Rd, London, N1 6JB

 0207 490 3395 / 07988 723 787

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Studio Faust Records

Old Street Studios have teamed up with Studio Faust Records in the Czech Republic, if you find yourself in Prague and need a recording studio and refreshments, pay Faust a visit. www.faust.cz




TL Audio M4 32 channel tube console

Neve 1073 DPA dual mic pre

Broadhurst Gardens DAV BG1U Decca preamps

Manley Vari Mu tube mastering compressor

SSL G Series bus compressor

API 5500 dual mastering EQ

Maselec MLA-4 mastering multiband compressor

Urei 1176 vintage compressor

DBX 162SL VCA Compressor

JoeMeek SC2.2 Optical Compressor

TL Audio VP1 tube processor (modified)

Roland RE-20 Space Echo

Aria Vintage Stereo Spring reverb

Soundcraft Series 760 24 track 2 Tape machine with remote and synchroniser.

Akai 4000DS 1/4 tape machine



Mesa Boogie Road King all valve head

Mesa Boogie 4×12 Gtr cab

Marshall Valvestate 50

Randall RG75 Valve Amp

4×12 Celestion Greenback Cab

Marshall Solid State Bass Head

Warwick Bass Cab 4 x 10

Warwick Bass Cab 1 x 18

Mapex M-Birch Drum Kit

+ Various guitars/drums/instruments… 



Old Street Studios is a London recording studio and was founded in 2005, on the site of a former Public House (and gentleman’s club!) by Jerry Kandiah. Jerry is a musician/producer/engineer who started his career as engineer to Andy Gill (Gang Of Four, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jesus Lizard, R.E.M, Can….) where he is most known for his work recording albums for Killing Joke and The Futureheads. Fast forward a decade, and the Old Street Studios team of engineers and producers now work on everything from Dance music production to Broadcast voiceovers, and a lot in between. Mastering also takes up a fair amount of our time these days, due to our trusted ears and world class equipment and monitoring.