// Analogue Mastering
£90 per track.

// Alternative Mixes (Instrumental, Radio Edit, PA Mix, Dub Mix) £15 each.

// Stem Mastering
£90 + £10 extra per stem.

Please get in contact for bespoke quotes and to discuss your projects in finer detail.

No hidden fees, no additional export costs.

Once the mixing process is complete and we have the file for the single, or set of files for an EP or album in hand then the final mastering process can begin. Here at Old Street Studios we do not limit ourselves to an ‘in the box’ digital master compared to most studios, but rather perform our mastering through a world-class analogue chain consisting of equipment from Manley, SSL, API and Maselec in a dedicated room with a pair of PMC MB2 monitors coupled with Bryston amplification, pristine Lynx Aurora digital conversion and experienced mastering engineers who will add magic to your productions.

The loudness war is over, however we will provide masters that will stand up against modern competitors as well as sounding great on the various streaming platforms.

We welcome clients who would like to experience our mastering engineers in action and would like to sit in on sessions.


Preparing tracks for mastering

Leave headroom when printing / bouncing your mix (peaking between -2dB and -6dB ). Remove any limiters etc from the master bus. If you have been mixing with a bus compressor and it is contributing to the mix then it’s best to leave it in.

Remote mastering

These days, we’ve mainly moved towards remote mastering services as this allows us to carefully fine tune and take our time with the process. However, we absolutely still welcome clients if they would like to sit in on the session.

Turnaround time

Turnaround times vary depending on complexity of the project and if we are working on an album project, then this is dependent on the amount of tracks on the album. We typically do our best to provide a turnaround within a week. On our end, we also tend to prefer performing a first-draft mix and coming back to it a couple days later with fresh ears before pushing ahead with sending off.

Filepass System

We use the Filepass system for mix/master revisions. This system allows you to listen to an uncompressed version of the track while viewing the waveform on a timeline. You can then insert comments at any point of the track if you would like us to make any changes.

Please watch this video for more information.