Submitting Files

Submitting Files

Preparing files for mixing

We prefer 24-bit Wavs/Aiffs at the same sample rate as your project. All tracks bounced from the same start point. Please include BPM of the project in one of the file names.

Preparing files for mastering

Leave headroom when printing / bouncing your mix (peaking between -2dB and -6dB). Remove any limiters etc from the master bus. If you have been mixing with a bus compressor and it is contributing to the mix then it’s best to leave it in.

Filepass for Mix/Master revisions

We use the Filepass system for mix/master revisions. This system allows you to listen to an uncompressed version of the track while viewing the waveform on a timeline. You can then insert comments at any point of the track if you would like us to make any changes.

Please watch the video below for more information.