Voiceover, Podcasts, ADR & Audiobooks

Voiceover, Podcasts, ADR & Audiobooks



Voiceovers, Podcasts & ADR
// £80 per hour
// £560 per day (8 hours)

// £60 per hour
// £420 per day (8 hours)

50% deposit upfront at time of booking.

No hidden fees, no additional export costs. For extended projects such as audiobooks, prices are negotiable. All rates include an engineer for the session.

Old Street Studios is the perfect location for voiceover recordings, dubbings and audiobooks. With our relaxed and professional setup, offering a fully soundproofed, air conditioned room and booth with windows and daylight – we can confidently say that we provide a unique experience that leads to our clients always feeling positive and relaxed and able to give their best performance whether that be for overdubbing a film, TV or Internet advertisement, podcast, corporate video, full audiobook recording or updating a voiceover show reel. On top of the impressive setting, our team of talented engineers will be able to capture the very best possible voice recording utilising state of the art microphones and recording equipment.

Previous voiceover clients have included Sky TV, BBC, The B1M, Pepsico, Virgin and the NSPCC. For a full list of our clients, click here.


Turnaround time

Upon completion of the session, we will clean up the audio recording. This includes EQing, compression to level out volume spikes, removing excessive mouth noise and clicks and finally, if required we can volume limit the audio by raising the average volume to a predefined max volume setting, thus raising the average volume level of the audio.

All of this is usually performed straight after the recording session and can be attended or unattended. This will usually only take 20-30 minutes depending on the amount of audio to process. The more files there are to process, the longer the export time.

File transfers

We usually organise all of the recorded parts into titled files, which is discussed with the client in the session. These files are usually then zipped up and sent via WeTransfer.
We run a strict policy in which full payment must be made before we release the final high quality files to the client.