At Old Street Studios we believe the atmosphere in the studio is as important as the recording equipment. We provide a comfortable, friendly space where you can focus on capturing a great performance.

Voiceover, Podcasts, ADR & Audiobooks

From National TV and Radio to Art House film and podcasts, Old Street Studios has been host to a wide variety of productions.
We use high end equipment from the likes of Neumann, Neve, Manley and API to capture vocal performances with the utmost clarity and warmth.


Have your project mixed by experienced engineers through our SSL Matrix 2 console using a combination of classic vintage analogue outboard gear and the latest digital technology.


Allow one of our in-house mastering engineers to fine tune your mix in an acoustically treated room using some of the best speakers and analogue outboard equipment available.
We also offer Redbook standard DDP/metadata and master file authoring.