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50% deposit at beginning of project, remaining 50% to be paid upon delivery of the final files.

No hidden fees, no additional export costs.

Old Street Studios offer top quality mixing services for bands and solo artists seeking a professional finish to demos, mixtapes, singles and albums. We have an extensively equipped hybrid analog/digital recording studio with top tier monitoring from our pair of PMC IB2s coupled with Bryston amplifiers, a wide selection of top quality outboard compressors, EQs and FX units to bring out the best in your projects as well as a huge library of plugins from the likes of Soundtoys, Steven Slate, Celemony, Waves and Goodhertz. All of this is centred around our Solid State Logic Matrix2 hybrid analog/digital console. All of our projects are mixed through Logic Pro on our top of the line 2020 Mac Pro, then stemmed out through the Matrix2 desk and summed in the analog domain then finally bussed through the iconic SSL Bus compressor. We believe that this method of mixing provides the absolute best of both worlds when it comes to analog and digital. Coupled with our expertise, the results very much speak for themselves and we’ve had countless happy clients through the years.

We’ve handled simple projects ranging from vocals and an acoustic guitar right through to dense full ensemble arrangements complete with hundreds of channels of audio to balance. No challenge is too tough and above all, it’s what we love doing!


File preparation

We prefer 24-bit WAV / AIFF files at the same sample rate as your project. All channels bounced from the same start point. Please include BPM of the project in one of the file names. If your project includes tempo changes and time signature changes, please also export MIDI with the tempo and time signature mapping included – please contact us if you require assistance.

Remote mixing

These days, we’ve mainly moved towards remote mixing services as this allows us to carefully fine tune and take our time with the process. However, we absolutely still welcome clients if they would like to sit in on sessions.

Turnaround time

Turnaround times vary depending on complexity of the project and how many channels there are but we typically do our best to provide a turnaround within a week. On our end, we also tend to prefer performing a first-draft mix and coming back to it a couple days later with fresh ears before pushing ahead with sending off.

Filepass System

We use the Filepass system for mix/master revisions. This system allows you to listen to an uncompressed version of the track while viewing the waveform on a timeline. You can then insert comments at any point of the track if you would like us to make any changes.

Please watch this video for more information.