Music Recording

It could be a voiceover, vocals to backing track, acoustic guitar and vocals or full band recording, we cater for all.

Wether you prefer the crystal clear sound of our Lynx Aurora digital converters or you crave the feel of our 24 track 2″ tape machine, at Old Street Studios we have the best in digital and analog recording technology.

We have always believed that the atmosphere in the studio is as important as the recording equipment which is why we provide a comfortable, friendly space where you can focus on being free and creative.

We don’t watch the clock and demand money up front like other studios.

We just want you to be at ease so that you can deliver your best performance.


Recording Rates:

Voice to Backing Track (includes digital mix/master)

£35 per hour

Multi-instrument Recording:

£40 per hour or £280 per day (8 hours)

Voiceover & ADR:

£60 per hour or £400 per day (8 hours)